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What do all therapies under development have in common?

Whether in the discovery, pre-clinical or clinical stage, they all need robust and reliable biomarker monitoring tools to track and characterize their biological effect.

Your Challenge

Monitoring biomarkers is a powerful tool to objectively measure the efficacy of a drug, predict its safety, document its mechanism of action and potential impact on the immune system. With decades of expertise in biomarker analysis, PK/PD, and immunogenicity testing, Active Biomarkers transforms your precious and unique clinical samples into reliable data to drive your decisions in the development of your innovative therapies.

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Very early in the discussions, our experts are involved in order to make sure that we get a good understanding of your needs and offer the most appropriate analytical solutions for your project.

ContACT for support

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With decades of experience in the development, optimization, and validation of custom cell-based and immune-assays, we can either develop methods from scratch, transfer them from a reference laboratory, optimize them, and, depending on their intended use, qualify or validate them for subsequent routine applications.

Sample management

We provide full technical support from sample preparation and cryopreservation, relying on standardized procedures, to storage. We work with trusted partners worldwide. We can provide technical and quality support for the evaluation and, if needed, training of laboratories involved in sample preparation.
Because clinical samples are unique, our freezers and Nitrogen tanks are 24/7 monitored.

Data safety

Testing results are absolutely central for your projects. We take extra care to fully track, secure and warranty the total confidentiality and security of your data during the course and after completion of your project.

Quality level

Quality is not an act; it’s a habit! (Aristotle)

Active Biomarkers is certified according to ISO 9001 Standards since its inception. In addition to ISO standards, our QMS is based on Good Clinical Laboratory Practices. We always implement the level of quality corresponding to your needs.


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Active Biomarkers has developed strong expertise in two main therapeutic areas: Immune-related disorders (Infectious, Inflammatory, Auto-Immune diseases, and Immuno-Oncology) and Neurological disorders.

We support pre-clinical and clinical studies, evaluating the safety, efficacy, and mode of action (MOA) of (Immuno)therapies through PK/PD, immunogenicity, biomarker analysis. Active Biomarkers has been supporting the development of innovative immunotherapies, including but not limited to antibody-based therapies (e.g., mAbs, Bispecific T cell Engagers, etc.), personalized neoantigen vaccines, CAR-T cells, or oncolytic virotherapies.


In order to provide you with bioanalytical solutions fitting your needs (soluble or cell-based biomarkers, multiparametric, ultrasensitivity) and constraints (sample volume, turn-around-time), Active Biomarkers relies on a wide range of technological platforms.

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