Founded by Innate Pharma and Transgene in 2011, our company is a leader in soluble and cellular biomarker analysis in the context of clinical trials. We offer expert services to advance innovative therapies from pre-clinical to clinical testing. In 2014, Platine Pharma services was acquired by ABL Inc, a global contract manufacturing and laboratory research service provider, a full subsidiary of Institut Mérieux.

In 2020, alongside its senior managers, Turenne Santé acquired our company, creating a new entity named Active Biomarkers.

Active Biomarkers' team has decades of experience in immunological-based assays. We develop tailored assays to support human clinical trials and pre-clinical animal studies. Our everyday mission is to design and run bioanalyses to help our clients better understand the impact of their cutting-edge therapies, document the mechanisms of action, correlates of protection, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic, and other critical safety and efficacy data.

Since 2011, Active Biomarkers is accredited for French research tax credit (CIR).

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