Understanding the mechanism of action of your drug is critical and will bring you precious information about its safety and efficacy.

Functional assays are highly dependent on the type of therapy (vaccine, antibody, cell therapy, small molecules, etc.) and target pathology. Active Biomarkers offers a variety of approaches and technologies to assess functionality.

Immune correlates of protection are of high value in vaccine development for accelerating development pathways, reducing sample size, duration, and costs, of clinical studies. We propose different humoral and cellular end-point assays to measure these responses, such as :

  • Quantification of antigen-specific cells by ELISpot (see our case study)
  • Proliferation assays by flow cytometry
  • Cytotoxic assays by flow cytometry
  • Antibody effector function
  • Cytokine profiling by flow cytometry (ICS) or multiplex immunoassay
  • Apoptosis and death markers on target cells.

Our experts are here to help you choose the best-suited methods to support your drug development.

See our case study