Any experimental therapy, and more specifically immunotherapies, need robust and reliable monitoring tools to track their impact on immune cell subsets and the expression of cell-surface and intracellular markers.

Flow cytometry is one of the most powerful tools for analyzing the immune system at the sub-cellular level. This technology allows us to monitor the distribution of immune cell subpopulations in a heterogeneous sample (whole blood, purified PBMC, purified BMMC, lymphoid tissue,…), enumerate them, and characterize their phenotypic and functional properties.

However, standardization of immunophenotyping requires careful evaluation and control of critical reagents, sample handling, instrument set-up, and data analysis. This is especially true for longitudinal or cross-sectional clinical studies, lasting for years or comparing data from multiple bioanalytical laboratories.

Active Biomarkers provides its partners with expert solutions to design the most adapted assays for phenotypic and functional characterization of immune cell subsets. These methods are optimized and qualified before sample testing for both pre-clinical and clinical studies.

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